Music: Man or Astro-Man?

Bands on the best show ever list: Man or Astro-Man?, Shy Child (when they were good, sorry guys), Les Savy Fav, Green Day (dookie tour), Nerf Herder, and… there are some others I can’t remember at the moment. Why is MOAM so awesome? Uhh, they cloned themselves, twice. Flaming theremins and tesla coils. They’re from outer space. The printer song. Bring an old tv and you get in for free (not sure if they still do that). And! Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard is the next Tesla. If you’re not going to one of the shows, I probably don’t want to see you there anyway. Sorry yalls, this is where we weed out the rad from the rest of the bmxers.

THEY’RE BACK! The 2010 Tour: Link

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Game: Call Of Duty: Black Ops

This may end up sending me to an actual rehab center. If an “intervention” (also the name of a Call of Duty sniper rifle) were to happen I wouldn’t be surprised. But don’t be surprised if I get dragged back down by the sweet sound of claymores. It’s happening November 9th, 2010. See me before then, because after, I’ll be in my game cave.

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Video: Best Part of Stealing Harvard

Casserhole says what? Exactly.

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Food: White Ice

White Ice

Summertime. It’s a time for three things; drinking cold beverages, listening to the best Fresh Prince song ever, and… SCIENCE! …and lets say recycling too, everybody loves recycling, except, litterers. They hate recycling. Bunch of friggin’ dumb jerks whose moms didn’t teach them manners if you ask me. Who aren’t jerks? The bevy scientists. Guess what they did this time. Ya know how when you’re drinking your tasty beverage and you get towards the end and it’s juicy yumminess concentration has become more of a watered down backwash sandwich? What if a super-nerd told you that you could have that same frosty beverage minus the water dilution incurred by melting ice (I’m pretty sure they’d say the word ‘dilution’ too)? You’d give that super-nerd a high-5 right? Well warm up you hand, the genius nerds have struck back! Oh, and why did I bring up recycling? Because using these fakey ice cubes is like water conservation… ya know, like water saving is like recycling water that’s never used, right? It’s not thaaat big of a stretch… just think locally man.

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Video: Best Part of The Mitchell and Webb Situation

Mimes. They’re back! Trust me, I can see trends right before they hit and after this trend of every movie coming out in 3D is over, it’ll be mime time! We’re talkin’ old school mimes too, with white faces and berets and gloves, not the fake ones that dress up like robot “Statue of Liberty”-ies (The correct pluralization. Suggit!). I’m so excited, this is going to be awesome, I’m off to go practice!

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Recent Comments

  • Marcel Du Lamp: Long live recycling!
  • Marcel Du Lamp: A French mime would never talk like zat.
  • Graham: I just ordered these shoes, I can’t wait for them to get here.
  • Graham: I had some steak tonight that sounded like that. I ended up throwning three times.


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